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Image by Davide Cantelli

Your dining experience starts here...


Dinners start at $30 per person! We offer plated dinners & a buffet style setup! To calculate your estimated total, please add $30 times the amount of guests you have in addition to the service fee that corresponds with your guest count. 

With EZ Eats you're considered a guest not a client and after dining with us, you will be Family!

Service Fee (Dinner):

1-2 Persons ($199)

3-6 Persons ($249)

7-9 Persons ($299)

10-15 Persons ($399)

16-20 Persons ($499)

21-25 Persons ($699)

Parties of 25+ start at ($799) 

The Experience

Ready for a Date Night Experience?!?

Picnics, Movie Night, Sip & Paint Night, Anniversary Night, Wedding Night

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